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There are many choices for math learning. So, first, thank you for visiting. 

Our differentiation is simple – engagement.

What does this mean?

What if you experienced sports only through drills and not through a well-played game? What if you experienced music through memorizing notes and never heard a song? Too many times, this happens in math, too. We only see one side of math and rarely engage with interesting questions and context that help us understand how math relates to our world. Why study prime numbers? If you care about Internet privacy, you’d want to know. Do you want to be rich? Learn about the power of exponential growth. The list goes on.

At Simplify, you will learn math more deeply through engaging and interesting questions and problems. You will experience the power of mathematics, whether you are being tutored one-on-one, attending a camp or class, or working in a group. There will be many opportunities for you to strengthen your knowledge and be immersed, active, and engaged. What happens when you engage? You start to understand, and when you understand, you advance quickly. When you understand and engage more deeply, who knows where your potential for math can go?

Understanding math doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it shouldn’t be. At Simplify, we use a variety of interesting and engaging techniques, including visual and physical models, real-world context, interesting examples, rich dialogue, self-reflection, sharing, and opportunities to draw your own conclusions. Combine this with worthwhile practice and hard work and guess what you get? Results!

This is where we’re different. Other tutoring approaches focus exclusively on raising scores. We do both. We help you understand and get excited about math so you get you more engaged, better understand your work, and start to make sense of the larger context. When this happens, your scores will rise naturally.  Having fun is just a bonus. 

My name is Phyllis Hillwig, and I am the founder of Simplify. Math education has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I have EdD, MA, and BS degrees in mathematics from Columbia University and Lafayette College. I have taught middle, high school, and college math, run a company that developed math textbooks, tutored students with math anxiety who ultimately majored in math, and currently speak at Towson University helping future math teachers deepen their understanding.  But in the end, none of this really matters. What matters are your results. 

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