Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to submit questions, and we will answer them for you!

Homework and Enrichment Classes are designed for students who want to maintain or accelerate their math standings, and need occasional 1-1 tutoring. You will have homework support and on-demand help as well as the ability to attend fun enrichment classes. There will be with no more than six other students in each session so you’ll get small group and personal attention!

To find the right fit, you should try us and others, too. Why us?

  1. Our differentiator is to make whatever math your child is learning interesting, relevant, and connected. It should not feel like another hour of school. Research shows engagement impacts learning and understanding more than anything else.
  2. Our center is designed to relieve anxiety, promote discourse, and invite students to fully engage with us.

Nothing beats a high-quality teacher who knows how to engage students where they are in understanding mathematics. With any tutor, the most important indicator of whether your child will learn is whether they feel connected and comfortable. No amount of experience or certification will matter if there isn’t a connection between the student and the tutor. 

The work that we do is a bit different than what is done in a typical classroom setting. We let the students lead the discussion. We guide them to find their own answers. We allow them time to engage in productive struggle, make mistakes, and find alternative paths to check their answers. Research shows it is highly effective for students to own their own learning to build both confidence and understanding. This is difficult to do in a classroom setting where there is a set pace and curriculum that has to be followed.

Our parents come to us because they are looking for a fresh, flexible, and affordable approach to helping their child in math. Our tutors work as a team, often helping each other find new and creative ways to help students make connections. Our team members have solid math backgrounds and a passion for helping students. They are eager to learn and have gone through many hours of pedagogical training before working with students one on one. We find that our students love working with our tutors because they are not viewed as other “classroom teachers,” but as mentors who can connect easily to what the students are interested in.

The best indicator of whether your children are learning and truly engaged is from your children. They will tell you whether it helps them, they will want to come, and their achievements in math will grow. As with everything else, learning takes time. We recommend that you give any solution some time to take effect.

Each tutor is personally vetted and trained by the founder. They will know the math, but also how to present it in an engaging and understandable way, working with different approaches to help students grasp the material and excel in it. Because of the proximity and connections at Towson University, Simplify has a pipeline of qualified, talented individuals who are ready and eager to help as we continue to expand.

YES! We do have an online option! Although we believe the best results come from an in-person experience at the center, we also want to accommodate busy students and busy schedules!

We grow through referrals. You will get benefits if you bring in another child, a friend, or provide a referral to us in any way.

With the center membership, there is built-in flexibility to come at your convenience, and you can check the schedule for the classes offered to sign up. There will be tutors on site to help and teach classes. We do recommend, however, to strengthen skills, a minimum of twice a week.

Once we create an action plan and set and follow key goals, you will see improvement in both class grades and real understanding within the first month.