Results and Testimonials

We measure our success both quantitatively and qualitatively. Contact us for details and keep checking as we update our growing feedback!

Measurable Results

“My son scored below the cut-off to get into the next level honors class. After three hours of intensive sessions, he went up 10 points to pass the placement test and matriculate into the honors class.”
Parent of 9th grader
“My son went up 50 points from a prior quiz score after a few intensive sessions.”
Parent of 11th grader
“I’ve always struggled with math and wanted to improve my stagnant ACT score. After a few sessions, I went up two points on my ACT, and I’m going to try again to increase it some more now that I am more confident in my math ability!”
12th-grade student
“My son’s ACT score went from 26 to 29 in math after a few hours of work.”
Parent of 12th grader


“I am beyond impressed with your approach and methodology at Simplify! I am so happy that the boys are benefiting from the tutoring and guidance.”
Middle School Learning Specialist
“My daughter, who always struggled with math and word problems, is now much more confident and ready to tackle math problems!”
Parent of 12th grader
“I didn’t realize how much fun math could be!”
8th grader
“My daughter has always liked math, but she has never felt confident in her abilities. Since working with Simplify, not only is her interest and confidence in math coming back, but she is doing her homework much more quickly and doesn’t complain!”
Parent of 7th grader
“My kids really liked your team members and are very anxious to learn more!”
Parent of two 8th graders
“My kids enjoyed their summer math experience, and believe me, they would tell me if they didn’t!”
Parent of kindergartner and 3rd grader
“I can see the multiple visual strategies you are using and how that is helping my son build a larger toolset to use in school.”
Parent of 3rd grader
“My son was mad at me because we were late for math. I thought, ‘Who is this child?’”
Parent of 11th grader
“I like that they are being challenged and seeing problems they haven’t seen before.”
Parent of 9th grader